About Us

Wimberley Rescue is a team of instructors dedicated to providing the right instructor for the right course. Our Wimberley Rescue team is aware of the Public Safety Professional's needs, and strives to meet them with up to date information, strategies and skills. We base our courses on the training, practice, experience and judgment of our core instructor group.

Each instructor at Wimberley Rescue is currently active as a career professional in public service. We have a wide variety of experienced instructors who not only teach but also have performed these skills in the 'real world'.

Wimberley Rescue is dedicated to improving the safety and techniques of the rescue professional. Our instructors are involved in implementing industry standards for the rescue professional to improve the future success of rescuers everywhere.

Wimberley Rescue has a long-standing partnership with Rescue 3 International. Together, we are educating rescuers on the latest techniques and skills for rope and water rescue. However, we do believe in a diverse training experience and offer in sight into NFPA, NIMS, Mountains Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue and multiple regional rescue standards.

Wimberley Rescue provides safe, competent and professional instructors to solve your rescue training needs.

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